The emotional engine that drives user engagement
Emogine is a new widget that allows users to instantly leave emoji reactions to the main elements of any post on your website
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What is Emogine?
By using emoji reactions, Emogine takes a familiar form of interaction from social media and messengers and brings it to web media.

Emogine allows website owners to engage more with users and instantly learn what they feel.

How Emogine works
How Emogine makes your website better
Users spend more time on your website, and their visit depth and involvement increase
Publishers understand better what emotions their content evokes in users
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How to use Emogine
Add the widget to your website by using a generated code
Adapt Emogine to your site's style by choosing the desired color of the emojis
Select the elements of the content on which the emojis will focus
Track the emotion statistics for each post or your entire website
How Emogine is worry-free
Emogine's user-friendly interface will not block your webpage content
Minimalistic and aesthetic, our emojis will not mess up your webpage design
Users will not be required to use Emogine
Fast and light, the widget will not slow your site's loading speed
Since we do not collect or store user data, there are no privacy concerns

About us

Iryna Vidanava
Co-founder and CEO

Award-winning publisher with more than 20 years of experience and expertise in the media field.
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of CityDog Media and Iquadart.
CityDog Media is a digital publishing company whose Minsk city magazine – – generates over 1.3 million users a month.
Iquadart is an innovative IT company from Belarus that creates websites and applications and cooperates with online media.
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